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Lessons and Coaching


In addition to her active performance schedule, Katie teaches throughout the greater Boston area.  She is a music director, voice teacher, and vocal mentor at Mssng Lnks, which offers vocal training and arts membership to talented urban youth in Boston who are considering careers in the performing arts.  She also maintains a private voice studio out of her home in Somerville, which offers the following:


Voice Lessons

For students of all skill levels.  Everyone can learn how to sing!   Lessons will focus on developing healthy habits in breath and speech-- habits that can apply to any style that a student wants to work in.   Technique is all about freeing a student to express what she needs to express!  In addition, students will work on improving their musical skills-- reading music, sight-singing, and harmonizing-- while learning a variety of repertoire.


For singers who already study with a voice teacher but want to work on the stylistic details of a piece or prepare for an audition, Katie offers vocal coachings.  These focus on polishing and readying a song or aria for presentation, rather than working on a student's vocal technique.  

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